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HIRANO Satoshi
Dr. HIRANO Satoshi (family-first) is a software artist, a scientist on information technology, and a social  entrepreneur.

Currently he works at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan as a senior research scientist. He is also a research fellow at Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, the founder of Peace and Passion.

Dr. Hirano was born in Niigata, Japan in 1962. He received Ph.D. from University of Tokyo Graduate School, Master's degree of Management Engineering and Bachelor of Material Science from University of Electro Communications.  

He worked as a senior research scientist at Electro Technical Laboratory (ETL), Ministry of Trade and Industry Japan, a Visiting Lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and an engineer at a semiconductor trading company.  

He is known as an author of several open source software including HORB (world’s first Java ORB), Demacs (GNU Emacs on DOS) and co-founder of Ring Server Project.  

Now he is working on H-Market model which is a novel market model for purchase and advertisement in the era of smart devices and on "Peace and Passion", a social enterprise to utilize the H-Market model.

Contact:   AIST Office:   hirano-s at aist.go.jp         Peace and Passion Office: hirano-s at ppa.social

Track Record

  • World's first or widely used
      • - World's first distributed operating system for OSI network for the proton synchrotron of KEK, High Energy Physics Research Institute. It contributed to Prof. Koshiba's Novel Prize for Physics.
      • - HORB: Worlds' first interoperable, and widely used distributed object technology for Java. It was also used in the above proton synchrotron of KEK for K2K experiment that shot Neutrino beam from KEK in Tsukuba to Super Kamiokande detector in Gifu Pref. Eventually it contributed to Prof. Fajita 's Novel Prize for Physics.
      • - Demacs: World’s first full GNU Emacs running on DOS. Jointly made with HIGASHIDA Manabu of Osaka Univ.
      • - ARCMacro.h Simple macros which enable compilation both in ARC mode and non-ARC mode for iOS and Mac OS X.
      • - SDC (Super Database Computer), FDS-R (Functional Disk System - Relational): Highly parallel database computer that established world record on relational database operations,  lead by Prof. Kitsuregawa of Univ. of Tokyo.
  • Japan's first or widely used
      • - Ring Server Project: World's Largest Software Archive. Founder and the first project leader. Joint research with major internet providers and research institutes in Japan.
      • - hml (Hirano’s Mailing List Server): World’s first highly functional mailing list manager written in Perl. It was taken over by Dr. Fukamachi into fml, a very popular mailing list manager.
      • - hterm (Hirano’s Terminal System): A terminal emulator compatible with VT220.
  • AIST
      • - Information Technology Forum


  • 1972-1974 Gold, Silver and Special Awards, All Japan reed music competition (Tokamachi Elementary School)
  • 1991 Young Researchers Award from Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
  • 1997 Nikkei BP Technology Award from Nikkei Business Publications
  • 2003 Chairman’s Award, Japan Economic Federation as a part of Awards for Persons of Merit in Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration at Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Promotion Conference held by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
  • 2012 Best Presentation Award from Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)

My Research

Peace and Passion Association

I am preparing a world class social enterprise for correcting income gap using the H-Market model with researchers and students of AIST and Tsukuba University.

Our mission is "Everyone's peace of mind with passion". We do things based on technology with scientific facts and people's cooperation.

We established the Peace and Passion as a non-profit organization in 2015 and we have moved to a social company. Currently we are building H-Market Service at AIST and "Peace and Passion Tsukuba Univ. Office".

We are looking for talents with passion (YOU). Please contact me. hirano-s at ppa.social

H-Market Model

You can enjoy the Internet without fee since it is covered by Web advertisement. Players such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have very large revenue thanks to the advertisement.

We are studying on the H-Market Model which is a novel market model for purchase and advertisement in the era of smart devices. We are developing cloud services and a smartphone application that realize our H-Market Model.

Our H-Market Model is optimized for purchase and advertisement in the era of smart devices. You can buy products and services best to suite to you dramatically easily on the small screen of a smartphone. Sellers are protected from too tough price competition and can sell products in their local community.

Since the H-Market model is a feature rich model which can treat purchase as well as advertisement, we expect the economical impact of the H-Market will become very big.

We expect billions of users. We are building the H-Market service on top of the following H-Framework which runs on Google App Engine for very large scalability.


F-Framework is a next generation framework for modern cloud servers and apps. It generates code for the cloud servers and iOS and SPA Web apps from specifications describing about communication, database, validation, security and user interface. It also supports role based access control (RBAC), user/group management, remote API and many features for enterprise class apps.

The specification is written in a new language based on Apache Thrift's IDL which is a popular communication middleware with support of fifteen programming languages.
With the "simple and clean" specification and code generation, developers at Peace and Passion can build a very large system with extremely small number of people with fun.

Joint Research

  • 2012-2013 Research on technology for validating semantical match in pathological diagnosis report, with Univ. hospital of Univ. of Tokyo
  • 2011-2015 Development of educational applications using Shared List Framework, with Ryukuis Univ.
  • 2013-2016 Development of Shared List Framework and H-Market model, a novel market model for purchase and advertisement  with Tsukuba Univ.
  •  2006-2011 Research on next generation data acquisition systems for high energy accelerator with Robot Technology Middleware (RT Middleware), with High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
  • 1998-2005 Research on distributed object oriented data acquisition systems for Neutrino experiment with High Energy Accelarator Research Organization (KEK).
  • 2003-2004 Research on distributed interface for life cycle simulator for space ships with Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency, JAXA.
  • 1996-1999 Project Bayanihan: Web-based meta-computing. Work with Luis Sarmenta@MIT.
  • 1992   Demacs (GNU Emacs for DOS) Work with Mr. HIGASHIDA Manabu of Osaka University.